Teradata Megah Corporation

About Teradata Megah

Founded in 1992, Teradata Megah is an advanced Technology Consultant providing holistic solution for digital banking and finance sector. For more than two decades, we have supported and worked together with both local and international financial institutions, advancing toward a full-fledged financial digital solution.

25+ Years of Experience

With more than two decades of experience in various financial industries, we have the right solution for your challenges.

99.999% Software Uptime

Our mission-critical applications are professionally designed and developed to be ready to run in your business scope. Our applications have been proven to be fully operational in 24/7.

Built and Tweaked To Your Needs

Flexible, scalable, and reliable, our applications are ensured to fit the needs of your business. Our highly qualified team is readily available to tweak and enhance the applications when needed.

Our Vision

Delivering the best technology solution that exceeds customer expectation and satisfaction.

Our Mission

We are committed to keep innovating while being highly reliable and flexible in advancing technological solution for financial institutions.


Milestone 1

PT Teradata Megah was founded.


Developed client-server based applications for both Rural and Commercial Banks.

Milestone 1

Developed a centralized banking and finance application that run on a fault tolerant server.

Milestone 4

Pioneered a solution for ATM cash withdrawal in Malaysia (MEPS).

Milestone 3

Launched a fault tolerant and highly reliable data center infrastructure.

Milestone 5

Implemented LBU - XML for Rural Banks.

Milestone 6

Pioneered a cloud-based solution to manage a government-subsidized fertilizer program.

Our Technology Partners