Teradata Megah Corporation

Server Co-location

Certified with ISO9001 and ISO27001, Teradata Mega’s Data Center is highly secure and accessible. We also provide data recovery services, which serves as an extra layer of protection. Let us manage your data so you can focus on growing your business.

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Exceptional Location

Our data centers are strategically located to optimize accessibility and security. They offer excellent accessibility by any mode of public transport and an infrastructure that is designed to prevent flooding. We also make sure to provide a steady supply of power to ensure uninterrupted data security. Our data centers have also been optimized with the following features:

  • Raised floors
  • Secure power cable
  • Overhead data cable trays

Full Redundancy

We use N and N+1 redundancy for your data backup. Our full redundancy features the following:

  • 3 X 40 KVA •
  • 2 X 150 KVA •
  • Power Generator MDP •
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Cooling System

Redundant 3-unit precision cooling system maintains the right temperature at our data center.

Fire Suppression System

Our data centers are equipped with a FM200 gas system for smoke detection and alarm activation.

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Physical and Logical Security

Secure and monitored 24/7, we ensure your data will be safe from viruses and unwanted disturbance.


We’ll keep your data safe with the following features:

  • CCTV surveillance
  • Fingerprint and Proximity access
  • 24 hours on-guard security and monitoring
  • Totally private server racks


As your trusted data center, we use reliable Logical Security for the protection of your business. Safeguarding your data storage and computer systems from any unauthorized access, Logical Security offers the following features:

a. Network Level Security:
  • Checkpoint firewall with IPS
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Data Encryption
  • Virus protection
b. System Level Security:
  • OS level security policy
  • Application level security policy