Teradata Megah Corporation

Supporting Features

To achieve your goals, there needs to be a strong foundation, and a system that can carry your business to the next level. This is where we step in, to fulfill the extensive and unique requirements you have. Our supporting features are additional services that can generate greater value to your business.

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Supplemental Modules

Teradata Megah provides systems or modules that can be applied to facilitate financial transactions and management. Integrated with institutions and customers, our supplemental modules will benefit all parties involved.

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Delivery Channel

We are committed to assisting the growth and expansion of your business. To reach a bigger user base, we have established various delivery channels.

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Banks also experience regulatory challenges due to changes in laws and requirements, especially related to reporting. We can assist you carry out an optimized online reporting process to the following institutions.

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Host To Host Application

Technological developments have significantly transformed the banking industry. To keep up with those developments, we have made available the host-to-host application to make online transactions easier and more efficient.