Teradata Megah Corporation

Core System

As customers evolve to be more technologically literate, banks must accommodate their needs to conveniently manage their finances. Teradata Megah is experienced in providing services that can complement the current innovations in the finance industry, while complying with prevailing laws and regulations.

Core System 1

Commercial Bank

We understand the range of challenges that is faced by commercial banks, be it changes in regulations, competition, or the industry. Our applications can serve as a solution to these challenges and also ensure the security of IT solutions in banks.

Core System 2

Sharia Bank

We are experienced in building applications that fully comply to the Sharia law to accommodate the vastly growing market of the Sharia banks and Sharia products offered in commercial banks in Indonesia.

Core System 3

Regional Development Bank

With our expertise and experience, our applications can assist the Regional Development Banks to maximize their operations in order to support the financial endeavors of the regional government.

Core System 4

Rural Banks

Rural bank customers live in smaller cities and their needs vary across culture and locations. Our applications can accommodate these needs.

Core System 5

Saving and Loan Cooperative System

We understand the importance of cooperatives as financial organizations that run based on principles of togetherness. Our applications can be tailored to the cooperative’s needs, providing quality and security that are expected in a banking system.